DYNAVOLT Gel Series MG12A-4A1 CTN5


DYNAVOLT Gel Series MG12A-4A1 CTN5


Battery 12 Volt NANO-GEL Series


Factory Sealed and Activated AGM Lead Acid Series using Nano-Gel electrolyte technology.
No messing around with battery acid – just fit and go!

MG 12A-4A1 : 12 Volt 12Ah Capacity [Cranking Amps 215]
Dimensions (mm) – L 134 x W 80 x H 161
Terminal configuration – Positive [Red] LH front polarity
Terminal type – T 5 LEAD construction.

Upgrade OR replacement for:

This series of batteries can be used in any position after being securely retained.

Note – Check terminal voltage prior to fitting. If below 12.6V, then charge the battery for best service life.

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Weight 2 kg


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